August 27, 2013
La intención es contar con el material humano para ser competitivos

“The intention is to have the human material to be competitive.”

Felipe Bosch Gutiérrez/President of Fundación para el Desarrollo (FUNDESA) Published on Siglo 21 Newspaper – August 27th, 2013 The National Meeting of Entrepreneurs (Enade), to be […]
October 1, 2012
Arranca Demósle un chance a Guatemala

“Let’s Give Guatemala a Chance” kicks off

“Let’s Give Guatemala a Chance” kicks off October 2012, Prensa Libre Meeting will promote investment attraction and employment. By Roxana Larios The next National Meeting of […]
January 1, 2010

“The fight against poverty is everyone’s job”

2010 The presentation of the president of Enade 2010, Felipe Bosch, emphasized that the fight against poverty represents a commitment of all Guatemalans, and that it […]
January 1, 2009
Gobiernos deben trabajar en conjunto

“Governments must work together”

Estrategia & Negocios magazine, 2009 1. The Central American region is already being affected. The entire textile manufacturing industry, for example, is currently experiencing a tremendous […]
October 13, 2007
Centroamérica y Guatemala con rumbo definido

Central America and Guatemala: on a clear course

Estrategia & Negocios magazine, 10/2007 Guatemala, as well as any country in the Central American region, must at all costs define its long-term course, and thereby […]
June 21, 2004
con os mismos no podemos tener resultados diferentes

With the same people, we can’t expect different results

Felipe Antonio Bosch Gutiérrez June 2004 Siglo.21  I recently had the pleasure of participating in a meeting with around 150 other Latin American businessmen. Concerned about […]